Random Recipe: Eggs in a Basket

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Over the past let’s say, twenty years, whenever I’ve spent the night at my grandmother’s, she has served me Eggs in a Basket the following morning. Mmmm. Basically, it’s eggs over easy (also known as fried eggs) combined with toast, able to be eaten in one yummy swoop.

Ingredients (per person)

  • Butter
  • Two slices of bread (I prefer whole grain, but any toast will do)
  • Two eggs

That’s it! So simple.

1. Either melt a bunch of butter in a pan OR butter both sides of each slice of bread (Doing both will likely guarantee you a heart attack). Either with a round cookie cutter or simply the edge of a glass, cut out a circle from each piece of bread. Add the bread to the pan.

2. Heat the pan at medium-high heat for a few moments, mostly just to melt the butter and get the bread nice and toasty. Crack one egg into each hole. Allow the egg to set up for a few moments.

3. When the egg seems nearly done, flip the bread and the egg over, to properly toast the other side. This is the hardest part for me, as I have been known to break the yolk at this point. With practice, it can be done.

4. When the eggs are to your desired consistency (and this is a personal preference, since I like mine with enough yolk to soak up with the bread but Hubby prefers it to be more cooked through, like an egg sandwich), pop them onto a plate and enjoy.

We call it Eggs in a Basket in my family, but I’ve also heard it called Toad in a Hole, Hen in a Nest, and simply, Egg in Toast. By any name, this is a tasty breakfast alternative to regular scrambled eggs and toast. Enjoy!


Edited to add: Looking for more egg-cellent recipes (sorry, couldn’t resist!)? Check out Eat At Home, showcasing everyday food for busy people with a special focus on eggs!

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2 Responses to "Random Recipe: Eggs in a Basket"

  • Love it! Just can’t eat it . . . Did you stop your poor Gram at each step?! Hahaha

    1 StephanieNo Gravatar said this (September 5, 2010 at 8:26 pm)

  • Love those perfect circle toasts! I just rip the centers out myself and they always look a little rough. Thanks for linking up!

    2 TiffanyNo Gravatar said this (September 29, 2010 at 7:18 pm)

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