Upcoming Event: Festival of the Masters

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Who: Fabulous, award-winning artists (they have to be a “primary award winner in a juried art show or festival within the last four years” to even participate), as featured by Disney

What: Open-air art festival, featuring artists in all kinds of mediums, including photography, glasswork, paint, sculptures, jewelry, leather and wood. My favorite is the chalk artists on the Marketplace side that create beautiful pieces of temporary work over the course of the weekend…on the sidewalk! Click here for examples of their breathtaking artistry.

Where: Downtown Disney


  • Friday, 11/12: 9:30a-5:30p
  • Saturday, 11/13: 9:30a-5:30p
  • Sunday, 11/14: 9:30-5p

Cost: Free!

What’s in it for you: Once you find parking (and be forewarned, it can be a little difficult once it gets crowded!), you’ll likely spend at least a few hours wandering the booths, admiring the artistry and possibly even buying a piece or two. A great way to pass the morning or afternoon, especially if the weather stays nice. If you only go to one art show a year, this is the one I’d pick for you.

For more information, you’d think you would visit the official Disney site, right? Wrong. It is woefully and borderline comically vague. Try wdwinfo.com instead; it’s chock full of features and links and makes the “official” site look like child’s play. Sorry, Disney, but you really dropped the ball on this one!

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