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[In full disclosure, I was approached and asked if I was interested in doing this interview. The questions, photos and  opinions, however, are entirely my own, and you can read my full disclaimer here. My only compensation is revealed below.]

Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first. What the heck is a hospitaliologist, and more importantly, how is it pronounced? Here ya go:  hospitaliologist (häs´ pə tôl´ e äl ə jist): n. a person who studies improvements in patient care based upon treatment and technology innovations developed by today’s best hospitals and health care providers.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the world’s first–and only, because while it’s a cool word, it’s also a made-up one, kids!–hospitaliologist, currently touting the benefits of Celebration Health and its soon-to-be-open tower.

Meet JP Evans, hospitaliologist extraordinaire.

In the background is the Silver Queen, his trusty Airstream trailer, which came down here with him from Seattle, Washington (a 5-day drive, for anyone who’s curious).

It’s parked smackdab in front of Florida Hospital Celebration Health (as evidenced on the bottom left of the photo below)…

…and comes complete with an inflatable pool and some always-fabulous pink flamingo lawn ornaments.

The inside of the Silver Queen is cozy, comfortable and casual, and where we had our little chat.

Random Hangers:Spell hospitaliologist.
, quickly, with no hesitation: H-o-s-p-i-t-a-l-i-o-l-o-g-i-s-t.

Random Hangers: You’re in a pretty visible place. What’s been the response from patients, visitors, and employees?
Hospitaliologist: I get about a dozen people a day. They ask questions like: “What is all this?” “Are you selling sausages? Tacos maybe? No? Are you sure?” [As evidenced by YouTube videos here and here, no one is quite sure what to make of him.]

Random Hangers: A hospitaliogist must know a lot about hospitals. If you don’t mind my asking, where did you get your enthusiasm for hospitals?
Hospitaliologist: My grandfather was in a hospital in Seattle for a time, and I was given the opportunity to stay with him, so I really got to understand and appreciate the doctor-patient relationship.

Random Hangers: I see from your YouTube channel that you’ve had quite a few experiences in Central Florida, including those at Celebration Health. What was your favorite? Meeting the robot doc? Presenting the Hospi? Yoga/Pilates? Gatorland?
Hospitaliologist:  It’s been one big wave of excitement. The robot doc was awesome in the technical sense. Definition of awesome. The Hospis were nerve-wracking. There were unexpectedly like 400 people; I thought it’d be much smaller. It’s like my own personal “Graceland.”

Random Hangers: When does the new tower open? What’s so special about it?
Hospitaliologist: August 11 is the official date. It’ll have an expansion of MRIsland, more CT scan rooms, and…really good ambient light.

[JP was a little sketchy on the details of the tower, but he did helpfully hand me a flyer that outlined its cooler features, including:

  • Silver level LEED certification (which recognizes achievements both in constructing and running "green" buildings), with improvements like time-sensored lighting and larger windows for better visibility
  • All private rooms
  • Pediatric play area
  • Eventually will double the bed size of the hospital [when I asked JP by how much the tower will expand the hospital's capacity, his answer was "by a gagillion," so he must've been rounding up...)]

Random Hangers: Your YouTube videos are pretty cool. Very clever. Who’s your camera guy?
Hospitaliologist: My buddy Mark (aka Fish). He’s allergic to wasps and I’m afraid of cockroaches, so we take care of each other. [The pic below is the pair keeping track of "wasp kills" and "times we've hit our head on the door", which I found to be hilarious and endearing.]

Random Hangers: Final question. What’s your favorite type of hanger? Wire? Plastic? Wood?
Hospitaliologist: Airplane [hangar]. Super spacious and holds a lot. Feels like a safe place.

Let’s pause a moment to appreciate the genius of his wit, as his answer was spur-of-the-moment and he didn’t preview the questions in advance. … … …

The takeaway: JP is a funny, passionate, borderline nutty guy. If you didn’t take the time to click on his YouTube links, I strongly encourage you to do so. They’re very, very entertaining. I don’t know what JP does when he’s not hospitaliologist-ing (he’s receiving some sort of compensation from Florida Hospital, in case you were wondering), but I suspect he has a background in acting and/or improv because his hospitaliologist “character” (if it is indeed a character and not his true persona) is extremely likable without being over-the-top.

Plus, he gave me a shirt. What’s not to like about him?

The tower officially opens at 6p on 8/11. There will be tours of the new facility and some sort of ceremony, open to the public. I imagine JP will participate in some way, which may be worth a visit itself. If you aren’t able to make the actual event, try to drop by JP’s trailer beforehand or by the hospital at some point. Florida Hospital is a leader in healthcare, and their efforts should be rewarded.

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