Beginner’s Guide to Walking/Running

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Head on over to Central Florida Top 5 (a blog that compiles things to do around town, as well as articles in a series called Fit in Florida) and check out my Beginner’s Guide to Walking/Running guest post.

As a bonus, here’s a safety tip I saved just for RH readers: though music is great at putting a pep in your step, it’s also great at blocking out ambient noise. Why would that be a bad thing? It prevents you from hearing things approach, such as another runner, cyclist or…a car. Yes, you’d probably hear a honk, but would you have time to respond? Does the driver actually see you and do *they* have enough time to respond? To increase your odds of staying out of harm’s way, skip the headphones.

Are you a runner? Do you have any tips for beginners? You can’t share over there, unfortunately (comments are closed), but feel free to add one below!

Curious on what I’ve shared on other sites? So far, I’ve posted my recipe for Cranberry Walnut Clusters over at Eat at Home and how to find local events at Becoming Rooks.

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